5 Last Minute, Inexpensive Gift Ideas for your Valentine

If you have a valentine this year, you’ve probably been feeling pressure to make the most of the holiday for a few weeks. But now Valentine’s Day is a few days away and you still don’t know what to get your significant other. Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas that still show your love and affection and don’t seem so last minute.

Handmade valentine.
Even if being creative isn’t your thing, making a card for your valentine means way more and lasts way longer than a box of chocolates. All you need is colorful paper, scissors, a glue stick and a marker or Sharpie, preferably in a festive color. Glitter and stickers will really showcase how much effort you put into it. Plus, glitter never 100% goes away, so your love will live in that card forever. For some super simple and punny ideas, go here.

Buy: Construction paper + glue stick + glitter + stickers = around $12
Have at home: Scissors + markers = free

Make breakfast.
This is a double-bonus gift because who really ever makes pancakes for one? Heart-shaped pancakes are almost too easy to make. All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a box of pancake mix. The cookie cutters can be repurposed for making heart-shaped eggs too (as long as they’re metal and not rubber or plastic because those could melt).  Lots of chocolate chips are necessary (or blueberries, if your s/o is a blueberry pancake person). Fresh strawberries and raspberries show extra effort and provide some nutritional value. Dip them in chocolate if you’re feeling extra romantic. And if bacon isn’t present, is any of this really worth it?

Buy: Pancake mix + semi-sweet chocolate chips + fresh fruit + eggs + bacon = around $25
Have at home: Cooking and serving it to your s/o in your undies = free

DIY box of candy and (insert your s/o’s favorite liquor here).
What’s better than a box of candy? A box of candy and little bottles of your favorite alcohol! A festive and delicious candy that works perfectly for this gift is Starbursts. Use only the reds and pinks to fill the bottom of the box before arranging the mini bottles on top. Mini bottles of Jameson resting on a bed of red and pink Starbursts? Yes. Please. I’ll love you forever.

Some important logistics for this gift: make sure the box is deep enough to close with the mini bottles inside and be prepared to have a ton of orange and yellow Starbursts leftover. (Even though it’s not as good as having leftover reds and pinks, that isn’t such a bad thing, is it?)

Buy: Heart-shaped box (preferably) + bag of Starbursts + 3 or 4 minis of your s/o’s liquor of choice = $25-30
Have at home: A ridiculous amount of orange and yellow Starbursts you get to eat =
free + yum

Disposable camera.
A photo lasts forever, and one taken on a disposable camera has a vintage and grainy look. Tie a bow into a ribbon around the camera and give it to your valentine at the beginning of your activities for the day. Carry it around and snap photos and selfies. You can’t post them on social media, but it’ll be way more fun looking at them for the first time together after getting them developed.

Buy: Disposable camera = around $10
Have at home: Colorful ribbon, string or yarn = free

Pizza doesn’t need an explanation, pizza and love go hand-in-hand. Bring your significant other their favorite pizza and a love note. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a night in with your boo and your favorite meal that involves melted cheese.

Make homemade pizza for bonus points. (You can skip the hardest part and get dough from your local pizza shop or grocery store, or make your own dough the night before.) Plus, what’s cuter than heart-shaped pepperoni?

Buy and eat: Pizza from a pizza shop = $11-20
Buy, make then eat: Pizza dough + sauce + cheese + their favorite toppings = around $25

By Andrea Iezzi

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