Top 5 Couples in Comic Books

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we should see some examples of love from the pages of comic books. These couples may not be perfect, but no relationship is. Here are my 5 favorite comic book couples:


photo credit: Marvel

5. Rogue and Gambit (X-Men)
The movies have not given much to this fandom, but this couple is pretty popular in the Marvel universe. Both mutants, they met while working for the X-Men. Their love is tragic due to Rogue’s mutant ability to absorb the powers and life force of people around her. Gambit joins the team with emotional baggage from being a criminal.  Their struggles attracted them to one another. Rogue has only touched Gambit on a few occasions, but they still love one another with such passion that doesn’t need to be proved by a kiss.


photo credit: Marvel

4. Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman (Fantastic Four)

One of the first marriages within comic books was the union of Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) and Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) in the Fantastic Four. Both were given powers from cosmic rays during a malfunction flight test. As one of the first marriages in comic books, they paved the way for other comic book couples to get serious about their relationship. Though some comic book couples tend to be on and off, or their marriage exists in another universe, this marriage tends to stand the strength of time.


photo credit: Image Comics

3. Maggie and Glenn (The Walking Dead)
Who says you can’t find love during a zombie apocalypse? With the world in shambles, Maggie and Glenn fell in love. When the group arrived on Maggie’s father’s farm, Glenn immediately took a liking to her. He was timid at first, but found the courage to ask her to be with him. Glenn eventually gave her a ring from the hand of a zombie and they were married. They have trouble living with walkers surrounding them, but Glenn is willing to do anything to protect Maggie. You definitely want to have a partner for the end of the world.


photo credit: DC Comics

2. Superman and Lois Lane (Superman)
Maybe every female journalist wants a man that will sweep them off their feet (literally). Lois Lane might be one of the most oblivious women in comics. She might be a great journalist at the Daily Planet, but she was not able to figure out that the mild mannered photographer Clark Kent was Superman. Their love has had its ups and downs, with his death and multiple universes to keep up with, but they still manage to be a pretty popular comic book couple. Currently, Superman is only friends with Lois as he pursues a relationship with Wonder Women, but I think Lois has a fighting chance of winning him back from the strongest woman in DC Comics.


photo credit: DC Comics

1. Harley Quinn and The Joker (Batman)
Sadly, I don’t think Batman ever found a love like Joker did with Harley. Harley Quinn was a resident psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. She was focused on murders and the idea of rehabilitating them. As Harley focused on studying the Joker, she found him to be charming and irresistible. As they fell in love, she helped him bust out of Arkham and they joined together as the perfect crime couple. Harley devoted all her love to the Joker, but he was more fixated on Batman rather than her. Eventually, Joker put her in a rocket and sent her packing. Though Joker and Harley have an on again and off again relationship, I find that their love picks up wherever its left off. As Harley Quinn eloquently puts it, “Love makes you do crazy things.”

By Kaylin Espinosa

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