6 Podcasts You Need To Listen To Today

After Serial, the world has been plagued by a podcast craze. While we love a good criminal mystery, these podcasts use comedy, pop culture and music to entertain. Here are a few lighthearted, entertaining podcasts to get you started on being a podcast junkie or feed the already addicted.

Screenshot 2015-04-15 at 12.49.54 AMIf I Were You – This podcast is hosted by Collegehumor’s duo Jake and Amir. The pair give advice to listeners who email-in with problems relating to family, sex and friendship. The best episodes feature Jake and Amir’s friends and family who occasionally come on the show to help give out advice. (Best episodes feature actor/comedians Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz)

Source: http://ifiwereyoushow.com/



Screenshot 2015-04-15 at 12.51.37 AMYou Made It Weird – Hosted by comedian Pete Holmes, this podcast features a comedian, celebrity, author and actors to go into great detail on weird facts about them. It is an interesting and shockingly honest look into the lives and relationships comedians have with each other.

Source: http://nerdist.com/




Screenshot 2015-04-15 at 12.52.06 AMThe Great Debates – This podcast is a pretty cut-and-dry debate show, however instead of debating world issues and politics they debate whether or not the nickel is the best coin or whether birds are disgusting or why magicians might be garbage. Debates are performed by Steve Hely and Dave King and moderated by Dan Medina.

Source: http://greatdebates69.podbean.com


Screenshot 2015-04-15 at 12.53.37 AMCall Your Girlfriend – Long-distance best friends Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow talk through life’s biggest problems, from feminism in the work room to judging how famous a singer is by their perfume product lines. CYG mixes intellectual comedy with late-night adult sleepover conversation for a informative and entertaining 30 minutes. It’s a must listen.

Source: www.blogtalkradio.com




Screenshot 2015-04-15 at 12.53.58 AMMonocle 24: The Sessions at Midori House – If you like NPR’s Tiny Desk series, this is your next podcast. The 15(ish)-minute podcast features established and emerging music live from the Monocle 24 studios. The sessions also have conversations with the artist about their music, which is the only thing that NPR is lacking with Tiny Desk.

Source: monocle.com




Screenshot 2015-04-15 at 1.02.23 AMThe Nerdist Writers Panel – This podcast ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, so take it slow. A series of panels hosted by screenwriter Ben Blacker cover the the writing process and business in TV, film, comic books, music and novels. If you like the commentary or behind the scenes bonus DVD, this podcast was made for you.

Souce: www.stitcher.com

By Darian Muka and Lera Salmon

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