A Thrifter’s Paradise

Welcome to Queen’s Village, where jelly sandals are making a comeback, VHS are sold in multiple stores and loitering is merely appreciating. When you walk past the stuffed animal-peppered tree in front of this thrift store, it’s wildly apparent you’re not in a Center City department store. Featured in our print article Is That your Grandma’s Coat?, Philly AIDs Thrift has everything a thrifter needs.

These retro heels caught my eye. Apparently back in the day you didn’t have to wear heels high enough to kill your feel and make you walk like a clumsy giraffe. This array of adorable shoes was one of many in the store, all of which were reasonably priced.

Need Vintage accessories to go with your shoes? Visit the little dresser delicately labeled for all your needs. Besides bowls of watches and glasses to skim through as well, the store had a sea of clothing that took over room after room, including men’s clothing.

On to literature. They have a decent if not large collection of books on a variety of topics, but the real treasure here is the skilled labeling system.

I wasn’t overly floored by the amount of art, but there were some great pieces for very affordable prices. If you are looking to spruce up a room for under $50, this is your place. There are also great furniture and home decor pieces.

Christmas has not been forgotten. Though the store is already quite affordable, this section also has clearance items. If you are feeling blue about the holiday-less months, shop for ornaments early.

Enjoy the unique and quirky finds at Philly AIDs Thrift while reliving some old memories. Even if you aren’t in the market for a vintage Sorry! board game or a flowered lace throw pillow, it’s a great place to tool around and admire.

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Photos and Text by Darian Muka


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