Caff Up with Katie


 Three years in the making I’m not sure if I could even properly guesstimate the the amount of drinks I’ve served. Cappuccinos, lattes, coffee, hot chocolate, lemonade, etc I have probably made it, and if you live in Doylestown, PA, I’ve probably served your mom and dad. House of Coffee is where I learned the etiquette of the steam wand and how to pack a portafilter (the traditional way of making espresso). After the shop was closed after a year, I hadn’t lost my lust for the brew life so I set my sights on another coffee shop. The Zen Den, located in Doylestown as well, was just a few blocks away from my previous stomping ground. 2 years in the making I’m still a somewhat employee.

     Now living in Philadelphia I made a switch to commercial coffee and work at the local Saxby’s on campus. It’s likely I’ve served you a latte. I’m also currently employed as a Barista at a Stephen Starr restaurant in Rittenhouse, Il Pittore. In my few short years I have grown as a barista and more importantly have grown to love and appreciate my craft. But i do not just “love coffee”, I admire it and I find it intriguing; it is an art I will always be able to improve.

Freshly brewed from barista Kathryn Justice.

Autumn breezes have finally made their way to Philadelphia. To keep warm, I’ve found myself hidden in a coffee shop wrapping my fingers around a white, ceramic mug sipping a milky heart.

Rittenhouse’s Joe Coffee is one of thirteen and one of the only two Philadelphia locations. Situated across from Rittenhouse Park, one can find this sweet spot between a skyscraper of offices and a Barnes and Noble. Throughout the day the shop gets an excess of customers ranging from businessmen to local bicyclists delivering mail.

I find myself here more often than not spending an afternoon calculating accounting equations for hours on end. What brings me back (besides the scenery and prime people watching) is the creamiest latte I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. Lattes consist of espresso and steamed milk, with foam coating the top like a soft blanket. The espresso, Joe Coffee’s own brand, is a soft blend with traditional taste; smooth and not too bitter. When steaming the milk, the steam wand (a device used to create bubbles in the milk) is dropped into the bottom of the pitcher to create dense, tight bubbles instead of foam, resulting in a milky cream.

I watched as a new employee was trained in perfecting my drink and the hundreds to come in the near future. Why is this coffee shop, one of a small chain, special in comparison to the other three hundred in Philadelphia? Joe Coffee provides an experience that satisfies: sleek, sophisticated, and frothy. 10246767_764754250225260_7188937488236820425_n

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