Fresh Student Street Fashion: Fall Into Freshman Year

Written By: Gabrielle Munoz
Photos By: Gabrielle Munoz


Sabreena Mendes, Freshman, undeclared

“Fall, definitely fall,” declared Mendes in regards to her seasonal preference for fashion. “I read Vogue UK Magazine and the editor Alexa Chung inspires my look along with H&M, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Threads.”


Giovanni Vazquez, Freshman, undeclared

Vazquez favors autumn styled clothing. “It has way more options and opportunities to be creative with your clothes. You can experiment with various layers and make your outfit for you.”


Kiera Gross, Freshman, undeclared.

Gross stated her inspiration derives from “the diversity within the city.”


Alexander Chanderdatt, Freshman, Neuroscience

Fall fashion appeals to Chanderdatt through his personality. He channels his collection through influences like Urban Culture, Kanye West, Polo, Nike, Toms, On The BYAS, Zumiez and Hollister.


David Marino, Freshman, Neuroscience

Marino keeps it clean cut with classic stores like Express, H&M and American Eagle. 10246767_764754250225260_7188937488236820425_n

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