October 14, 2015

When the pumpkin spice lattes begin rolling out and scarves are retrieved from storage, evidence shows crisp autumn has snapped sarcastically. Those that are granted four full seasons, like the city of Philadelphia, experience those scarce trees changing colors behind skyscrapers and rundown row-houses.  

I can admit to those moments of slight paralysis seeing the trees shed leaves equivalent to noticing a nudist strolling along the street. Or at least near the equivalence.

Stripping the past and strengthening for the present is what this resurgence of 14th Street Magazine strives for. Embracing a new face, a new tone and a new style, we look up in hopes that the oncoming wintry sun shines with only a hint of UV exposure.

This new publication will present new writers and photographers that explore the wit and sophisticated potential Philadelphia has to offer.  My staff and I represent a different collaboration of Temple students. We look forward with ambitions and to the past for respect, yet the dark humor of youth energized by the mocha fro-chai light lattes that whisper coffee.  

But let us illuminate the surprise our work produces from the talent and dedication of college scholars. We will navigate streets of broad topics that stimulate conversation beyond the length of 14th Street. 

-Allison Merchant, Editor in Chief 10246767_764754250225260_7188937488236820425_n

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