Letter From the Editor

It’s that ache in the gut, when you feel your heart plummeting from fear and anxiety gnawing at your organs. Each time you tell yourself, it’ll be okay, it’s not real. It’s nothing but a figment of your imagination. But it is very real, so terrifyingly alive that you wake up in a cold sweat nights on end. Will they still give me candy if I’m double the age of that small ninja turtle next to me?

Halloween brings out my dark side: a candy-crazed, dentist’s nightmare. But others wholeheartedly embrace the only time when orange is an acceptable color outside a holding cell.  

Cemeteries become the new “spot” for a night out, apparently the other 11 months have gravely underrated the place. Laurel Hill Cemetery sparked the cool spook in the Web Editor Nick Matousch, inspiring his late night stroll with a Soul Crawl. The weird quirks he experienced along the way definitely gives your skin a goosebump or two.

Although this week consists of Halloween-esque fun and fright, spirits are high either in celebration or alcohol content. Outfest for the LGBTQA community shined in a different autumn light than in past years. In lieu of the national legalization of gay marriage, prideful individuals strode confidently “straight outta the closet”.  

Meanwhile, others chugged straight from the bottle that pumpkin flavor the body craves every time the leaves fall and trepidation settles of what to dress as for that costume party. It equates to the scared child reaching for its bottle of milk late at night. Except we are overgrown children finding solace in a foamy liquid pumpkin. The similarities are uncanny.  

And if your fancy has not been struck thus far, turn a glare towards the walls of Eastern State Penitentiary, drown a little in the glass of water Matt McGraw pours, and transport to Hogsmeade with Entertainment/Media Editor Sarah Sweigart.

The conversation starts on Broad, but it doesn’t end there.

-Allison Merchant, Editor in Chief SocialMedia

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