Letter From the Editor

There is nothing quite like a chilled November night when you finally have an excuse to curl up in the fetal position and not get weird side glances. Now no one has to know that the ever-present reminder of familial obligations clings to your chest like a shrunken sweater. No one has to have to know that your jeans pro-actively popped a button just in time for the ‘feast’. I’m just cold from the approaching winter, I swear!

Just a week away, Thanksgiving puts everyone in a mood. Let’s not be presumptuous and declare that it is a communal giving mood. I for one tend to be in a lethargic mood, particularly desirous of a long nap after eating a stuffed bird that has a better tan than me. Humorist Allie Menzione plays a drinking game during the ritualist round robin of questioning most students face when visiting for the holidays “For Millennials Trying to Adult”.

But if you’re like the philanthropic and ambitious HootaThon organization, November is a time to dance all night (and all day), growing from its infancy to a solid yet still wobbly toddler of three years. And speaking of babies, prepare to cry like one when reading the touching short story by Matt Mcgraw. Seriously guys, have the kleenex ready.

Speaking from my wiggling bookworm-self curling up with a good review by Michaela Althouse is just like curling up with a good book. And if you’re feeling ambitious to venture out beyond your doorstep and a little away from Broad Street, the preview of the annual Christmas Village begins this Saturday, Nov. 21.

Even with our mouths full of laughter, food, smiles, food, cries, and hopefully more food, the conversation continues on Broad, one spit-take at a time.

-Allison Merchant, Editor in Chief

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