Temple Fashion and Business Club More Than a Runway Show

Written by: Natalie Weintraub

Photos by: Patrick Clark


To some of you, fashion might mean flaunting flare sequin jeans, or maybe it is tucking in a dress shirt because your girlfriend says it looks good. Disregarding sweatpants on a Monday, your fashion sense is complimented. Senior Media Studies and Public Relations major Conor Sheehan, president of the Fashion and Business Club says, “[Temple] is a well-dressed campus. People for the most part know what they are doing.” But there is more to fashion than fancy outfits.  How did the well-dressed mannequin get there? And those clothes, did the designer hand deliver them to the store?

As Temple’s only fashion-minded organization, the club seeks to delve into the interests of not only fashion-savvy individuals but also business-minded people, by bringing together all aspects of the fashion industry through panel discussions, guest speakers and events.

“The fashion industry is extremely demanding,” Sheehan says, “We really like to hit home…that the fashion industry is a business.”  


“There are opportunities and jobs that exist within fashion that you don’t necessarily have to be creative to do,” Sheehan said about the club’s goal.

Other than designers and label owners, guest speakers from human resources, public relations and marketing provide tips, knowledge and opportunities for club members who want to get into the industry.

The club co-sponsored an event with Her Campus Temple and Executive Women International Collegiate “highlighting past and present successful women in business.” In addition to a panel of interns sharing their stories with other students, Sheehan explains, “We’re going to bring in some women that have successful careers within the fashion industry.” The event was held Nov. 17 and brought lawyers, attorneys and entrepreneurs as well.


In order to give members what they want, the club has changed over the years. Club members wanted a place to write, so there is a blog where writers contribute three to four posts each week on trends and industry happenings. As a person who loves to write himself, Sheehan says, “I personally am very proud of the blog that we run.”

Since the club began in Nov. 2012, Sheehan said they have rebranded the entire organization.

“We completely changed our logo and our voice,” Sheehan said. “We wanted to expand the demographic and the audience base.” The club now invites men.

“It is not just a place for girls to talk about pretty clothes,” Sheehan says, “If you’re a business major, we want to show you that you can work for a design house.”

The club meets bi-weekly each Wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m. in Alter Hall.SocialMediaIMG_1001

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