The Human’s Cry

Written by Lindsay Hargrave

Image by Jack Einhorn


No century’s visionaries could have foretold

The pity and rainbows and men’s cries and gold

For the cries we emit are only our own

And just as they silenced the man praising God

The will silence the woman with a cry of her own

A cry which no one will understand until they have trekked Odysseys through her eyes

and on her two legs,

Starved for the love and starved for the justice,

Screaming and crying in the undying cruelty of our age

And in our own unforgiving realm,

That which we created.


It is for the children we cry

From birth until death is what we describe and we sing

For the children we love

For the children to love themselves

And with the changes that come

They keep on loving

And we keep singing

And we all keep swaying

Into the depths of our souls until we can cry our own cries for the stars and the moons

to hear. SocialMedia


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