Why Are the Streets Empty?

Readers of 14thStreetMag.wordpress.com,

You may have noticed that we have not been posting for the past month. That is because there is a new 14th Street website, 14thstreetmagazine.com! 14th Street is actually a class at Temple University, where Journalism students collaborate to create a print magazine every spring. This year they have opted to recreate the website, using a wordpress.org server instead of a wordpress.com blog.
So what does that mean for this site?
Soon this website will be rerouted to the new one. We are working with our IT department and just need to get through a few more steps in order to get the address rerouted. Once that is complete, every time you type in this link (14thstreetmag.wordpress.com), your web browser will automatically be led to the new site (14thstreetmagazine.com).
And I haven’t even gotten to the best part– we are sending all of our older works over there as well! So if you have a favorite story, it will be reposted on the new website in an archival category. So no worries, readers, we are still working; we are just doing this in order to enhance your reading experience. So for now, I would personally care to thank you for all of the likes and reblogs that you have given us, and we encourage you to head on over to 14thstreetmagazine.com!

Nick Matousch
Online Managing Editor

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